Once upon a time, the Happy Tree Friends decided they needed to trade currency in order to buy various items for their daily lives. They quickly realized that there were different types of currency such as dollars, euros, yen, and pounds, but they didn't know which one to use.
As they started trading, they ran into some problems. Nutty the squirrel was asking for too many acorns in exchange for his candy bars, while Pop the father bear was offering too few acorns for his fishing hooks. These situations made the Happy Tree Friends realize that they needed to learn more about trading and haggling.
Handy the beaver suggested that they create a system for fair trades. They created small signs that read "Fair Trade" and put them on their stands to communicate this idea to customers. They also negotiated and practiced how to bargain during each trade.

Eventually, the Happy Tree Friends became experts in currency trading. They were satisfied with the results and managed to get what they wanted at reasonable prices. They did not have to worry about being shortchanged or ripped off anymore.
In the end, the Happy Tree Friends thanked Lumpy for his advice and were proud of themselves for learning something new. They spent the rest of their day enjoying their newfound prosperity and indulging in their favorite activities.
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